Holly R. Miletich

Professional Speechwriting Services

I am a Professional Speechwriter with 15 years of experience writing speeches. 

My clients include CEO's, authors, entrepreneurs, politicians, University Presidents, public figures, high-level government employees, lawyers, actors, non-profit organizations, keynote speakers, members of the military, ambassadors, and Commencement Speakers. I also write for special occasions including anniversaries, weddings, and many other celebratory events. 

I aim to write the perfect speech for every client. Every speech is written specifically according to information provided to me by the client. No two speeches are alike, just as no two speaking occasions or clients are alike. 

I write speeches of any length, depending on the needs of the client. Speech length ranges from a short two minute introductory speech, to a keynote address lasting forty-five minutes. No speech is too short to too long. 

My services include doing research for any speech which requires it, as well as proper documentation for sources.